Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Annual Christmas Beard

Let me make this clear-this is a bit weird- but there is a story behind it.

When I went to Carleton University in the 80's I was fortunate enough to play for the basketball team. By the way they have been the best team in Canada for over a decade.

When December first would roll around and basketball would take a break for exams I started a tradition of growing a beard till Christmas day. Anyone that has known me in my teaching career knows that I have kept this tradition since. Check out this kids comment on RateYourTeacher from "Apr 03, 2003 Go Overwijk. If you have this man, you'll like it best around Christmas. The reverse hair is hilarious. Nice tradition though." So that makes it a true story and a true tradition.

Now over the years I have started growing my beard much earlier than December first, much to the dismay of my wife, but tradition is tradition. Here is a photo of me today.

This year I decided to collect some data on beard growth. Here it is. Don't be too grossed out!


How about:
On what date did I stop shaving this year?
How long will my beard be on Christmas day?
How long would it take me to be Santa? (hint)

Any other wonderings? questions?
Also I am taking answers and solutions to the first two questions. Answers revealed on Christmas day!

UPDATE! December 28th, 2014
So before I show final work and reveal answers here is a couple pictures of the final product. Particularly proud. As Andrew Stadel @mr_stadel hashtagged #beardoweirdo !

Here is my solution to the original questions based on the data that I collected.

And now for the actual date I stopped shaving Tuesday October 22nd.
As for the length of my beard I took three samples and the longest was 4.45 cm. Here is a picture.

And what would be growing a beard without a little fun shaving it off.

And finally back to normal. #happywife. Hey is that a glass of red wine in the background? Gotta go!

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  1. I love my beard and believe it or not, I take care of it than myself.