Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TMWYK Comparing Arm Lengths in Terms of Hand Lengths

This morning, after attending TMC14, I woke up earlier than the rest of the family and was reading through my twitter feed when my oldest son G (who is 7) came into the room. He is a giant.

Me: "Good morning G."

G: "Morning dad."

Me: "Look at the size of you. How much did you grow while I was gone?"

G: "I am as big as you."

Me: "Not Quite." He immediately wants to compare arm lengths. He is cheating like crazy to get his arm as long as mine. I finally persuade him to stand shoulder to shoulder.

Me: "So your arm is still a little shorter than mine." We measure it out in his hand length.


G: "So I am about one and a half of my hands short."

Me: "That's right G."

He gets ready to walk away and blurts out:
G: "And about one and a quarter of your hands." More like one buddy!

I love that kid.