Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The math twitter blogosphere is a great place. I started lurking in it a long time ago ( when Dan Meyer's Ted Talk kind of went viral). I owe it this:

What did I do? 
I read people's blogs, stole their ideas, incorporated them into my lessons, changed the way I structured my courses, started valuing the mathematical processes in my classes, changed the way I evaluated and assessed students, let other teachers into my class, ........ and the list could go on. I even started this blog eventually.

What didn't I do?
I stole and I stole but I never offered anything in return. No revised activities, no new activities, no comments to others.  I always used the excuse that I had no time. I coach basketball, a lot of it. I refuse to take excuses from my players. Hypocrite..............

What I am going to do about it?
I am going to take part in this. Of course it is already mission #4 of which I have done ziltch. I hope that I can get involved instead of being a bystander.

Wish me luck!