Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ever Increasing Dominos


Dominoes - Relationships between the Number of the Domino and Various Variables

This has been a great activity for me over the years. Can just do Exponential Relations or add in Logarithms. Of course Dan Meyer Rocked it as a three act task here first.
Dane Ehlert relates it the 5 practices nicely here. You should check his website out - pretty spectacular.

And then this is my take on it in my spiraled activity based #thinkingclassroom. Lot's to unpack.

Students watched this video and then were examined the relationship  between the number of the dominoe and some variable. Here were the variables I assigned.
Once groups had their variable to examine I asked them to create a poster that had the following.
Student work for Height.
Student work for Thickness.
Student work for Width.
Student work for Volume.
Student work for Face Area.
Student work for Surface Area.
Student work for Distance between dominoes.
Student work for Mass.
Here is a summary of the equations and the reverse equations.

 As a class we looked for connections between the exponential equations.


 And then connections between the reverse ( log) equations.