Sunday, April 27, 2014

TMWYK Sausages and Equality

Maybe I TMWYK's more than most people.
It is Sunday morning and I am cooking sausages. G is awake and C is still sleeping.

G: "Ya we are having sausages." He walks over to the oven and counts out loud informing me he is having all of them.

Me: "Now that's not fair." I quickly count the sausages and there are 14. I inform G that we will all get 4. Selfishly I will get 6. But I am not telling him that.

G: "There are 14.

Me: "Yes."

G: "We get more than 4."

Me: "How many do we get?"

G comes over and looks in the frying pan and starts splitting it up in groups of 5. When he gets to the third group and realizes there are only 4 for that group. "We can't do this."

Me: "So if we give everyone 4, how many will we have left?"

By now Cole has come downstairs.

G: "2"

Me: "So what if we cut them up and split them up?"

G: "OK"

C: "Dad did you know it is an odd day?"

C has no idea what the date is. I know that.

Me: "How do you know it is an odd day?"

C: "We are learning about odd and even numbers at school. Our last school day was an odd day. So that makes yesterday an even day and today an odd day."

Me: "Oh"

I am trying to get breakfast ready.

C: "One is an odd number. Two is an even number. Three is an odd number. Eight is my favourite number."

This leads to a discussion about favourites everything between C and G and many questions to me about my favourite everything.

Me: "Ok G we are ready to do the sausage thing."

Me: "How many on each plate?"

G: "4"

We put four on each plate and two on the cutting board.

Me: "Ok where are we cutting these."

G blurts out "In thirds." G grabs the knive and with my help shows me where to make the first cut. It is through both sausages at the one third mark-bang on. He quickly says " And the second cut is here." Bang on. And then he says "And the third cut goes." He stops himself realizing there is no sausage left to cut and says "There is no third cut."

Me: "Ok so how are we sharing this?"

G: "We each get two. There are 6, so we each get two."

Great. Too bad mom is already gone to her course-she would of been impressed.

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