Sunday, February 7, 2016

Better Questions

Well week three of explore math twitter blogosphere. And I am late. Anyhow.......

Here is my better question that I like to explore with my students:
"What are the criteria for a good question?"

I do this lesson with my grade 10 applied students every semester. I have written about the details of this lesson which are here.

Here are the posters over the years that have come out of this activity.

Lots of criteria that have shown up over the years.

Co-Creating criteria for what makes a good question with your class, early in the course, can cause your students to ask better questions throughout your course.

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  1. I am learning about this in an online course on formative assessment. State our learning goal and invite students to develop success criteria because we know there are some that bring background knowledge. Then other students reference the success criteria during the activity. I think it's a powerful and empowering practice with students.

    I've always said I've wanted to develop study team norms but so far have just given them to students and referenced them when I see them displaying those actions.

    Related to this post, I encourage my kids to not give answers ask good questions. This develops their ability to teach others and so they can get the same gratification I get from teaching.