Saturday, November 16, 2013

OCDSB Board Wide Subject Specific Professional Development Day November 15, 2013

The board math PD yesterday was fantastic. Congratulations to 2013 Math Subject Council for organizing. Margie Kerr, Kim Evans, Merella Bareggi, Gabriela Papaz, Bruce McLaurin, Jimmy Pai, Trisha Clark, Gary Palmer, Karyn Hepburn, Esmeralda Fernandes, Jon Henley, Mylene Abi-Zeid and I am sure there were many others behind the scene. A huge thank you. It was a great day. A huge thank you to all presenters as well - the sessions I attended were top notch. Yeeha Desmos!!

Alex Overwijk (@AlexOverwijk)
@absvalteaching@MaryBourassa @eluberoff @Desmos I was at Mary's workshop today. Kudos to those who created this. 2cool. #fillingthetoolbox

would of loved to have seen more but.....that is what you get when you present and share. 

My attitude towards PD days has changed. I used to think of it as a break, a chance to relax, catch up with friends. I would celebrate the night before.

Something has changed. The rate of change was slow at first but now it is changing at a rapid rate. I can't imagine it changing faster-but it probably will change faster.

I used to teach. Prepared lessons that I knew. Stand and deliver. Tell some stories. Be entertaining. Chalk board after chalk board. Worked out example after worked out example. Year after year. I showed them so they learned. They liked me. They never questioned me.

It changed. I orchestrate lessons now that I am really not sure about. They collaborate and I orchestrate. They tell me stories. It is entertaining. Discussion after discussion. Activity after activity with some projects thrown in. Year after year. They talked so they learned. They like me. They question me.

Now leading up to PD days there is preparation. Working hard to have something to share with colleagues. Excitement - butterflies - wanting to be meaningful. So ......... We share best practises, best ideas, pedagogy. It changed me.

I thought I might graph it

Of course I worry that it is correct. There are many people in my board that I think very highly of.
I tell my story. I risk it.
Those that I respect offer me feedback via twitter. 
Jim Pai (@PaiMath)
@AlexOverwijk asks good questions about students posing good questions! An important lesson study with lots to take away from!

Mary Bourassa (@MaryBourassa)
Summary of Math PD Day...@AlexOverwijk and @BDMcLaurin get it and I need to do more of what they do. #alwayslearning

Ann Arden (@annarden)
+1 “@MaryBourassa: Summary of Math PD Day...@AlexOverwijk and@BDMcLaurin get it and I need to do more of what they do.#alwayslearning

Gregory Taylor (@mathtans)
@AlexOverwijk Cheers for the tweeting out this morning and your session and the talking with me and reading of my stuff! #rambling

It is instant feedback. I feel relieved. I celebrate after.
I try to figure out it.

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