Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inquiry Based Learning Professional Learning Community

For this semester I am participating in lesson study with a group of about 18-20 teachers in my board who are interested in creating lessons based on inquiry based learning. All the teachers have classes of either grade 9 or grade 10 applied classes, I am very grateful for the opportunity and am lucky to work in a board that values creativity.
At this point we  have met for one whole day to go over the structure and to develop our first lesson which is safe wheel chair ramps.
This is a great group and should be very exciting-looking forward to the learning. More to come.......


  1. This is wonderful, Al. I'm so impressed with your hard work and motivation. Good luck with all of this. All the best to you, Victoria Miller (Former Glebe English teacher in Room 123!)

  2. Thanks Victoria. Congratulations you have posted my first comment on this blog. I definitely have been on quite the journey the last two years. Cheers!