Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Journey as a World Freehand Circle Drawing Champ

Like most math teachers, who have been in the business for a while, I have a repertoire of "stories" that I use with students when I am introducing new concepts. One of my favourite is my story of being a former World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion (this seed was planted one weekend while watching a broadcast of the world bar tending championship - in Vegas).

In June of 2006 (after 10 years of telling the story) a student of mine asked if he could make a video of me and my story. It was posted on our school website where it sat for 6 months. In January of 2007 someone from Fargo, North Dakota found it and posted in YouTube and several other social media sites. The video went viral... and the rest is history.

I will post more about the story over time, but the reason that this is really important is that it has provided me with a vehicle to talk about my true passion, which is engaging students in mathematics.